Baby Green Tree Frog

Baby Green Tree Frog

I have a love of green tree frogs. I think they are so adorable. Looking at them face on, they seem to be smiling all the time.

Living in tropical North Queensland we can find them most everywhere. Even in the suburbs of neighborhoods, on rainy evenings, you'll find them clinging to the sides of houses or on windows and sometimes, depending on what sort of house you live in, the bathrooms.

Dainty tree frogs, the ones in my photos, are the ones I think are most adorable. They don't usually grown any bigger than about 6cm in length. One night I found two on the outside of our house so I took them in, gave them a tank, fed them with tiny crickets and cared for them all while turning them into my little models.

One in particular soaked it up. I truly think he enjoyed being in front of the camera, while the other one couldn't be bothered. I had named them Anthony and Cleopatra. Whether I knew the sexes of them is beyond me. I really didn't care.

I have a portable light box with different black and white, red and blue backdrops and chose different items for them to sit on. The best time to turn them into models was during the day when they were sleepy and sluggish. 9 times out of 10 they cooperated and I got some really cute shots.

As time went on, the weather started cooling down and I couldn't maintain them any more. One of my little guys died in my hands and I released the other one soon after. For the record, I have recently purchased a proper amphibian aquarium for the upcoming "frog" season.

I really enjoy photographing these little guys and giving them props to model them with. Your purchase of one of my prints or frog prints can really help me keep this insatiable hobby of mine going. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy taking them.